About us


“When you stop doing things for fun, you might be as well as dead.”  – Ernest Hemingway


YaYa Factory was founded by three veteran entrepreneurs and investors who were long-time close friends and had wanted to do something fun together before it’s too late.


What we do? 

YaYa Factory is a ‘Company Builder and Entrepreneurial Investor.’  We make and build startups. Sometimes we make our own startups from scratch in-house. Sometimes we establish a joint venture or acquire outside companies and rebuild them from our own perspective. And sometimes we invest in promising startups and build them together.

We do this primarily on our own, but occasionally by partnering with outside entrepreneurs, co-founders or co-investors. We build companies based on a combination of our own funding and funds from external investors and partners. We make our own businesses. We invest only for businesses that we would like to build for ourselves. Hence, we prefer becoming the majority shareholder, driving the business on our own. In case of joint ventures with external partners, we sometimes take a minority position. But this is still based on the condition that we retain the initiative and motivation to drive the business as part of management team. 

We drive multiple projects simultaneously. We start and build them within YaYa Factory at the initial stage but mostly spin them off later for an independent operation and exit. Although we pursue multiple projects based on parallel execution, we always limit the number of projects to only one for each managing partner so that we can stay focused and dedicated to actively building the business.


Why & how we do this?

Life is a short journey, a special gift and celebration to enjoy. We established YaYa to participate in it, have a good time and enjoy ourselves. We didn’t want to waste our lives trying to impress other people or conform to society. We just wanted to follow our heart, be ourselves, do what we love and have fun with people we like.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t have an inflated idea of our self-worth. We believe things happen for a reason, so we always try to be sincere to others. We love people who are inspiring, passionate, creative, dedicated, professional, but, at the same time, warm-hearted and nice to be around.  We’d especially love to meet people who are brave enough to follow their heart with sincere will and good faith.  We’d love to meet those people, work together, and have fun.

As Hemingway said, when we stop doing things for fun, we might be as well as dead.